Community Projects


CMS stands not only as a business in the area but also as a part of the community that it operates in. Being a part of the community means working to help uplift the community and this is shown best in the Tembisa Project, a project that has been ongoing for 10 years and counting. In 2013 the project was upgraded due to the generous support of Emperors Palace, MiTek, CMS and the Portuguese Forum, to the obvious delight of the community, who say that the work has proved invaluable in reducing the crime in the area.

Community patrollers in bright reflector jackets use the sponsored radios and equipment to network throughout the streets of Tembisa bringing information to the police who have stated that the sheer size of the area creates an almost insurmountable task to patrol and police. The work of the community in assisting those tasked with security and safety in the area cannot be more underlined than with the success of this project, and it is living proof that with a motivated community, CMS has been able to assist in making a significant impact.