Armed Response

Every member of the CMS Armed Response and Reaction Unit is trained to function in the most serious and dangerous situations and under extreme pressure. A considerable amount of time and funding is spent on the training and development of all reaction members and this type of intense training is ongoing.

A specialised tactical unit was formed due to the high rates of violent crime in our neighbourhoods, where many of these criminals are armed with automatic rifles. The specialised Tactical Unit serves as support for the CMS Armed Response and Reaction Units when they are faced with this type of fire power and back up is required.

The CMS Armed Response and Reaction Units, supported by the Tactical Unit attend to a range of criminal activities, including for example:
• Armed Robberies
• Shootings
• Murders
• Hi-jackings
• Sexual Assaults
• Domestic Violence

The above situations demand a highly trained team, providing advanced protection for our clients, their properties, and the public. The CMS Armed Response and Reaction Unit usually arrives on the scene first, and from there, whilst containing and securing the scene, they alert the necessary services for the situation at hand. Part of securing a scene is obtaining information from those involved and passing it on to the South African Police Services and the CMS Control Room.

The Tactical Unit is trained to handle hijackings and is equipped to track and apprehend suspects who are on the run, and in recovering the stolen vehicle/s in hijackings and thefts.

During a riot or strike, the Tactical Unit ensures that CMS clients and members of the public, as well as their properties, are safe by acting as a buffer between them. Any perpetrators responsible for violence or vandalism are detained.

In the event of robberies, sexual assaults, accidents, fires or any other crimes where persons are either victims or injured as a result, CMS Medical Response is dispatched to assist. CMS Trauma support is also available to assist with spiritual, emotional and trauma support.