CCTV Offsite Monitoring

Statistics reveal a major reduction in crime committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV is proven to be the most cost-effective method of crime prevention and detection. Many households and businesses spend a lot of money on installing CCTV systems and then fail to put them to good use by not having them monitored.

We provide 24hr off-site CCTV monitoring and protection services for commercial, industrial and residential premises through the use of remote digital technology.

The benefits of CMS off-site CCTV monitoring services include:

• Full time monitoring 24/7 with trained control room staff
• Reduction in on-site manpower costs
• Reduction in insurance premiums
• Deterrence of theft, fraud and vandalism

Supporting evidence in criminal cases.


Our technical division provides the installation of alarm systems in both residential and commercial premises. We offer fully customisable installations to meet your individual needs. Our systems can combine motion detection, entry point detection and CCTV to suit your property. We can assess the layout of your home or business and recommend the best possible solutions required to help maximise security.

Our technical staff constantly undergo training to ensure they are kept abreast of current technology.

The technician will make sure your equipment is set up correctly, walk you through the ins and outs of your system, explain how to use your system; arming/disarming, programming user codes, time delay and stay/sleep functions. The testing procedure will also be explained to you; how to contact our control room, testing the alarm and your panic buttons including your remotes.

There is always a technician on standby 24 hours a day.

Technical Support number: 0861 265 267.

Technical Support number: 0861 265 267. 

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