It has become apparent that attention to the process from arrest to conviction is a vital part of achieving justice. This process is tedious and time consuming and can span across many years.

CMS is dedicated to ensuring that justice is served in a proper manner, and to this end is keen in assisting the justice system to process cases all the way!

CMS is on the scene where statements are made by each patrolman that attended and directly thereafter proceed to the station where the arrested suspects are booked in and the SAP 13 and SAP 14 numbers are noted on record. CMS then ensures that a case number is obtained so that the case can be followed up and assisted with, should any other information be required by the detectives in their efforts to find the truth.

And after all that to the courts, where we see the patrolmen testify, right up until the final day when the hammer falls and the guilty is sentenced. This is all important and can take years to achieve, but no matter what, CMS is dedicated to the safety of the community and ensuring as much as they possibly can, that the criminals are brought to justice.

Community comes FIRST, and we will do our best to stand up for your protection!