As a proven deterrent to any would-be criminal behaviour, many circumstances demand a higher level of security with the presence of on-site Security Guards.

The CMS Guarding Division offers various service options including gate access control, regular premises patrol and various options to suit the needs of both business and private residences.

We offer permanent or temporary guarding services, day or night or both.

All guards are appointed in accordance with the Security Officers Act 92 of 1989. Prior to employing a security guard, we ensure that they are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority), by having either a valid PSIRA certificate or prerequisite qualifications. We also ensure that they have undergone the correct and necessary training.

Using the technology of both radio and Bloodhound Technology (providing real-time, pro-active proof of presence and performance), the guards are managed not only by the tasking and regular check-ups of the Operational Managers, but also electronically so that they can be monitored to ensure both their safety and yours.

Guards are never without backup as they have 24hr direct communication via two-way radios with the CMS control room, that will dispatch armed reaction units in the event of an emergency where backup is required. In addition, the control room contacts each site on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order.