Medical Response

A number of years ago the community experienced difficulty in obtaining emergency medical services, so the Precincts introduced a service for the benefit of their members. A response vehicle, manned by qualified Paramedics, was put in place to assists the community. 

This response vehicle and ambulance are available 24/7, manned by professional and medically trained staff for any emergency.

By contacting the Precinct Emergency Line, 0861 425 493, you have immediate access to our services including any medical emergency requiring medical treatment at your home or business.

Patients are treated for both private and public hospitals. Should you need to be hospitalised, we will transport you to the nearest appropriate receiving hospital, although transportation to the hospital would be for your own account. We also offer any medical advice when needed.

The Paramedic vehicle responds to an array of emergencies from chest pains to motor accidents and any other medical situation or emergency.

We are often called to crime scenes to treat victims who have been assaulted by criminals or injured during a crime. All patients are treated professionally and with dignity