Snake Removals

In Southern Africa we have approximately 172 species of snakes with ONLY 13 considered potentially deadly. On the East Rand, there are only three species of medical importance, i.e. the Rinkhals, Puff Adder and Night Adder.

We have a further 10 species which are totally harmless and a compliment to any garden or small holding. These would be the Skaapsteker, Herald Snake, Short Snouted Grass Snake, Black Headed Centipede Eater, Olive House Snake, Brown House Snake, Aurora House Snake, Brown Water Snake, Rhombic Egg Eater and the Purple Gloss Snake.

Adult horses are very resilient and are even able to survive a Black Mamba or Rinkhals bite. With regards to dogs and people, snake bites are fairly rare. Spitting occurs when a snake is caught by surprise.

Some smaller dog breeds will instinctively go after a snake. In the event that a snake has spat in the eyes of a dog, rinse their eyes for no less than 15 minutes continuously under running water. Seek medical help as required.

CMS has a snake removing professional, who is accredited with all the relevant legal bodies such as the Gauteng Nature Conservation Department, highly trained to the level of Advanced Snake Handler and is qualified in First Aid for snake bites. He will assist you to remove snakes from your home and release them into a safe location.

Both local and exotic snakes can be removed, not only for your safety but also the safety of the snake that is likely not suited to the local environment.

Please contact the CMS control room for assistance.