Olive Branch Trauma Centre

The motto of the Olive Branch is “triumph over life’s difficulties.” 

The reality of our existence as human beings is that there is no-one who escapes exposure to negative experiences. Sometimes the circumstances can be so extreme that they lead to ongoing stress and trauma. However, help is at hand. The Olive Branch is the private practice of Dr Barbara Wade, which was established to provide professional therapeutic services to the Benoni Community. She believes that all people are worthy of quality counselling services, regardless of status in life. Intervention is directed at alleviating distress in its broadest sense. 

Dr. Wade aims to help her clients make positive changes during challenging times in their life through professional therapeutic counselling at her practice. Clients who have been through armed robberies, hijackings, abuse and all forms of trauma are offered therapy. 

The therapy she offers is based on the most up to date research in the field of trauma. Dr. Barbara Wade has received training in Somatic Experiencing™ by experts from the United States over a three-year period. “Members of our community who have been victimised by criminals benefit from this wonderful approach to trauma resolution, which ensures it does not have to be an ordeal to heal.” 

Dr Wade recognises that a relationship with a significant person, whether a partner, parent or child can be one of the most nourishing and rewarding experiences in life. 

However, there are times these relationships are a source of pain and distress. In addition to trauma therapy, she assists with relationship difficulties and all forms emotional distress, particularly anxiety.

She has a passion to see lasting growth in people’s lives and strives for a deep understanding of those with whom she works. 

“I deeply appreciate the support of CMS in their efforts to promote the mental health and well being of our community.”

Dr. Wade

The Olive Branch is located at: 
 37 Wordsworth Road, Farrarmere, Benoni.
Tel: 011 849 7473 Cell: 072 122 4766


Dr Wade started her career as a physiotherapist, but after being involved in a motorcar accident, she could no longer work in this field and was forced to change her occupation. She completed an Honours and Master’s degree in Psychology, followed by a BA degree in Social Work and Master’s degree course in Family Therapy specialising in trauma resolution.

During her studies she was greatly influenced by the work of the holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl, who showed that people can reach their full potential not only in spite of suffering and trauma, but because of it. Armed with this optimistic view, she started practising at the Olive Branch. More and more trauma clients came to see her and she realised that God had called her to work in this field and subsequently completed a Doctorate in Trauma at Unisa.

“I love what I do and am grateful for the privilege of sharing my clients’ journeys to healing.”